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Young Brothers president celebrates first year at the helm

Jay Ana: ‘What will not change is YB’s commitment to this marketplace and the island communities.’ Throughout his career, Jay Ana has stayed true to the values instilled in him by his parents. “My parents made sacrifices and worked extremely

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Longtime Foss-ULA liaison celebrates retirement

Bob Pepper retired last month after 30 years with Foss Maritime. Before a long maritime career and recent retirement, when Bob Pepper was growing up in northern Alabama, he didn’t know what he wanted to do with his life –

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Carlile terminal manager credits team for safety award nomination

Kevin Sibley: ‘We’ve come a long way in the past seven years.’ Kevin Sibley was working as a night cook when he graduated from high school in 1987. He thought about joining the military, but a buddy of his who

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Carlile truckers named among best in Alaska

Michael Brad Hinkes and Jeremy Welton went on to place 14th and 18th places, respectively, in their categories at the National Truck Driving Championships in Pittsburgh last summer. By Hilary Reeves Michael Brad Hinkes is one of the safest cargo

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NAC Pilot takes life one adventure at a time

Soldier, musician, pilot (and amateur herpetologist) Adam Townley-Wren began flying for Aloha Air Cargo in 2014. By Hilary Reeves Northern Air Cargo 767 Captain Adam Townley-Wren was born in New Orleans to parents who met playing drums in Tulane University’s

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Iver Foss Captain celebrates 28 seasons at Red Dog Mine

Gary May’s three-months-on, one-month-off schedule has led to many “wonderful” professional friendships. By Hilary Reeves Foss Maritime Tug Captain Gary May didn’t come into his profession by accident – he knew all along who and what he wanted to become.

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Army pilot survived combat helicopter crash, now flies for NAC

Fred Pollino’s devastating medical discharge from the U.S. Army left him unsure of his future. By Hilary Reeves Fred Pollino grew up the youngest of five children in Billerica, Massachusetts, a blue-collar suburb of Boston. The first time he boarded

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Three years later, Foss’s FMC stays steady course

Career mariner Art Dahlin was named General Manager of Foss’s Columbia Snake River region – and the Fleet Monitoring Center – in 2018. By Hilary Reeves Foss Martime’s Fleet Monitoring Center (FMC) debuted to much fanfare on June 1, 2016

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‘He got goosebumps and instantly teared up.’

NAC’s Trisha Reyes’s familial discovery led her on a hunt for Agnes Foss treasure. By Hilary Reeves Trisha Reyes’s father Richard “Dick” Banks peppered her childhood with stories of the months he spent aboard a tugboat bound for Vietnam in

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Safety director celebrates 30 years at Carlile

Lisa Marquiss: ‘You quickly get a strong idea of what these men and women are made of.’ By Hilary Reeves Lisa Marquiss, Carlile Transportation‘s Corporate Director of Safety and Compliance, started with the company in June of 1988. She was

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Tropical CEO welcomes new ships, sees improved service

Six new container vessels specifically designed for Tropical’s ports of call mark the largest shipbuilding program in Jeff Fiser’s storied career with the company. By Hilary Reeves On the morning of his first interview at Tropical Shipping, Jeff Fiser dressed

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