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Hispaniola Puerto Rico Trade Manager sees opportunities

Maria del Mar Rodriguez said Tropical Shipping Puerto Rico will continue to focus on the wellbeing of the people and countries it serves. By Hilary Reeves As a child in Puerto Rico, Maria del Mar Rodriguez spent countless hours on

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Second Mate Shari Lee at home on Perla

Lee shepherded the Marlins, the first NASSCO-built commercial containerships in 20 years, from concept to service. By Hilary Reeves Botanist, child occupational therapist, foreign correspondent – Shari Lee grew up wanting to be “everything.” Her father, born and raised in

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TOTE Maritime Puerto Rico supervisor strives to lead by example

Jamaican-born Waynette Harris took her career at TOTE Maritime Puerto Rico from temporary to team lead. By Hilary Reeves Waynette Harris gives great advice. “You can’t always control your circumstances, but if you learn to choose the right attitude, it

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