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Clarivette Diaz’s career within the Saltchuk family of companies spans 16 years

Clarivette Diaz was born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico, the youngest of four children.

“I grew up in Puerto Rico in a small humble house surrounded by loving family who instilled in me the belief that with hard work, dedication, and perseverance, I could achieve anything I set my mind to,” she said.

Growing up, Diaz dreamed of working in finance.

“From a young age, I had an affinity for numbers and always looked for opportunities to explore mathematics and finance-related activities,” she said. “I used to look up to bankers, especially their professional and polished appearances. I’d always tell my mom, ‘That is what I want to be when I grow up.’”

Diaz graduated from college in Puerto Rico with a degree in Finance and Accounting. She worked at a pizzeria while in college, assisting with payroll, purchasing, inventory, and serving.

“While working as a server, I started to discover a passion for building relationships with customers. I found genuine joy in connecting with people, learning about their preferences, and making their dining experience memorable.”

Committed to excellence

Diaz began her career in the maritime industry in 2008 as Office Manager for Tropical Shipping, in charge of accounting, documentation, and operations. She was soon promoted to Puerto Rico Island Manager and recently transitioned to the role of General Manager for Puerto Rico Terminals.

“I learned about the open role during conversations with Chris May, president of Puerto Rico Terminals,” she said. “I realized the opportunity to assist PRT in strengthening local relationships with customers, stakeholders, and the government excited me. As affiliated companies, Tropical and PRT have fostered a strong and positive relationship over the years.”

Diaz said she’s proud of Puerto Rico Terminals’s commitment to supporting the island’s economic development, supply chain resilience, and ensuring the flow of cargo and a steady supply of essential commodities for the island.

“I wake up every day equally committed,” she said. “I keep myself motivated by surrounding myself with the right people, setting clear goals, celebrating small wins, maintaining perspective, staying curious, practicing gratitude, learning from failure, finding inspiration, embracing change, and—most importantly—self-care.

Diaz said she’s been fortunate to work with numerous leaders and mentors throughout her career in the Saltchuk family of companies.

“I am thankful for their guidance and support and all the opportunities they provided me,” she said. “From professional growth to personal development, each opportunity has shaped me into the professional I am today. Their mentorship has taught me the importance of leading with purpose, vision, and authenticity. While I won’t mention specific names, each of them knows their influence on my professional journey. Thank you, I am deeply appreciative.”

Touching lives

Diaz joined the Puerto Rico Shipping Association (PRSA) Board of Directors in 2017 as Treasurer. In 2020, I was elected as the first woman to preside over the PRSA in its 50-year history.

“The role provided me with the opportunity to network, collaborate closely with government agencies and officers, and work alongside nonprofit organizations on charity events. It has been very rewarding representing the maritime industry on the island and being able to advocate for the industry’s interest and promote its growth and sustainability.”

She listed her biggest achievement of the past year as leading the 2023 Navieros Charity Open, the most successful fundraising tournament in the Puerto Rico Shipping Association’s history.

“We collected $60,000 that was donated to three local nonprofit organizations that work with the elderly and cancer survivors, and to rebuild communities impacted by atmospheric events on the island,” she explained. “Giving back to the communities we serve fills me with immense pride. It’s not just about the achievement, it’s about the impact we’re making and the lives we’re touching through our collective efforts and dedication. This is one of the responsibilities I enjoy the most in my career.”

Diaz presenting a check to Glorymar Rivera Báez M.D., the Former Executive Director Rehace Foundation, one of the three beneficiaries of the 2023 Puerto Rico Shipping Association Golf Tournament.
(L-R) Alexandra Ruiz, CMO, Puerto Rico Tourism Company, Clarivette Diaz, Marc Sampson, President of the Caribbean Shipping Association, Milaika Capella General Manager CSA

Diaz with her daughter, Yaneisha Cruz Diaz.

Outside of her professional life, Diaz enjoys spending time with her 26-year-old daughter and beloved dog, Bruno.

“Even when we don’t talk about Bruno, we enjoy spending time with him,” she laughed. “Bruno adds an extra dimension of happiness to our family. I also started taking golf lessons about a year ago, and I’m excited about turning it into a hobby. I’m looking forward to sharpening my skills, enjoying the game with friends, and simply having fun on the golf course.”

Diaz lives by the mantra, ‘Be the change you wish to see in the world.’

“I firmly believe that as individuals we need to embody the positive change that we want to see in the world. When we practice qualities such as kindness, compassion, and empathy, we can inspire others to do the same and create a ripple effect of goodness and positivity. For me, it has been an honor to work for two Saltchuk companies during the past 16 years. Saltchuk’s commitment to investing in its people sets a powerful example of how important it is to prioritize the growth, development, and well-being of your employees that will lead to company growth and success.”

Hilary Reeves

Hilary Reeves spent 10 years as a newspaper reporter and editor before joining the Saltchuk family of companies as a consultant. Since People of Saltchuk launched in 2014, Reeves has interviewed more than 200 Saltchuk employees from operating companies all over the world. Born in Tacoma, Washington, Reeves is a former president of both the collegiate and local professional chapters of the Society of Professional Journalists, a graduate of the Society’s Ted Scripps Leadership Institute, and a Toastmaster. When she’s not writing, she loves to read, ski, and practice the piano. She lives in West Seattle with her husband and two young daughters.