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Delta Western

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Anchorage hiring event aimed at proactively addressing challenges, removing barriers

Representatives from 10 Saltchuk companies gathered to conduct on-the-spot interviews and answer questions Recruiters and hiring managers from Saltchuk’s Alaska operating companies gathered on March 13, 2024, in Anchorage for the first Alaska Transportation and Logistics Hiring Event, designed to

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Delta Western scholarship recipient journeys toward law school

Rachell Gulanes: ‘My end game is to return and contribute to life in Alaska.’ Raised on Amaknak Island near Alaska’s famed Dutch Harbor, NorthStar Energy Legal and Compliance Assistant Rachell Gulanes is a 2013 recipient of the Delta Western scholarship

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NorthStar recruiter’s roots in Alaska key to candidate search

Rose Rodriguez: ‘You really have to think like an Alaskan.’ When NorthStar Energy Recruiter Rose Rodriguez has open jobs in Alaska, she doesn’t rely on the usual recruiting platforms to fill them. Instead, she meets potential applicants right where they’re

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Landscaper-turned-dispatcher found forever home in Sitka, Alaska

Linda Holmes joined Delta Western eight years ago. Delta Western Dispatcher Linda Holmes always thought she’d become a professional landscaper serving the small Puget Sound communities she knew so well, growing up near Seattle. A 2001 commercial fishing season in

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Safety Award nominee Q&A: Delta Western Terminal Operators

In the first of a nine-part Q&A series, Delta Western Terminal Operator Brandon Kurtzweil and Lead Terminal Operator Greg Walz answer questions about their lives, careers, and nominations for 2020’s awards. On Dec. 8, 2020, Delta Western Terminal Operator Brandon

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Pilot turned Delta Western terminal manager focused on community

Mike Denker: “Sometimes we’re not just an essential service; we’re the only service…we’re the sole provider of fuel – for transportation and heat – for the people of Haines.” Delta Western’s Haines Terminal Manager Mike Denker was determined to fly.

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Sitka, Alaska native at home with Delta Western

Mike Johnson: ‘Having a strong and supportive team with a trusting relationship is key to success.’ By Hilary Reeves Delta Western Sitka Terminal Manager Mike Johnson describes his teenage self as the type of guy who “was only interested in

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An energetic homecoming

Ryan Macnamara, four years after embarking on an experiential quest, is armed with the knowledge and know-how to help propel NorthStar into its (sustainable) future By Hilary Reeves Ryan Macnamara was still studying marketing at Western Washington University in Bellingham

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NorthStar fuel pro reflects on early days in Dutch Harbor, Alaska

Senior Inventory Specialist Robert Sevilla began his career in the field. By Hilary Reeves The winter of 2011 was a bad one for Alaskans: the snowiest winter on record and one of the coldest. That December, the crew of Delta

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DW heavy equipment inspector ‘huge supporter’ of tech, career ed

Delta Western’s Dennis Massingham: ‘I’m a lifelong learner.’ By Hilary Reeves Dennis Massingham’s work history is a menagerie of life experiences – but perhaps he saved the best for last: “I get to work with one of my former students

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Delta Western Payroll Specialist works to connect communities

Michaela Naidoo on family, photography and bringing people together. By Hilary Reeves When Michaela Naidoo is out on the streets of Seattle and sees people taking pictures of each other in front of city landmarks and scenic vistas, she stops.

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Alaska couple forges separate careers under Saltchuk umbrella

Delta Western Safety Director Leon Dwiggins and Carlile Senior Project Manager Christen Van Treeck are always ready for the next adventure. By Hilary Reeves Leon Dwiggins and Christen Van Treeck could have been high school sweethearts. “We actually met right

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Delta Western Operations Manager honored for search and rescue work

Mike Riley and his team of Bethel Search and Rescue volunteers have saved dozens of lives during his 26-year tenure with the organization By Hilary Reeves A wooden sign marks the wind-whipped trailer serving as headquarters for Bethel Search and

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