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Operations Manager celebrates thirty years with Naniq in Hawaii

Naniq’s first office in Hawaii employed just a handful of people—including Vicky Tecson. Vicky Tecson said she owes her 30-year career at Naniq Global Logistics to a one-inch-by-one-inch classified ad seeking a Data Entry Clerk for the freight company Danzas

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‘The importance of investing in people’

More than 20 years after marine scientist Kemit-Amon Lewis became one of Tropical Shipping’s first scholarship recipients, a shared commitment to the Caribbean brought them together again. Kemit-Amon Lewis spent the past two decades building a storied career, predominately focused

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Dominica Island Manager’s unlikely career a roadmap for women in shipping

Tamara Lowe: ‘My roles involve aligning efforts toward promoting an awareness among young women of the career opportunities available within the Maritime sector with the hope of addressing the under-representation of women in the industry.’ Tamara Lowe grew up on

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Honoring “the Mother of Tropical”

Mary Kiernan passed away May 10; she recently celebrated 40 years with Tropical Shipping. Tropical Shipping Vessel Analyst Mary Kiernan, dubbed “the Mother of Tropical,” celebrated 40 years with the company on March 18, 2021. She passed away last week

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VP sees core values at work during 15-year tenure with Tropical

Van Kent, Tropical: ‘We’re always the first to arrive after a storm, and we not only help our employees but also provide help to entire communities. You don’t see that from a lot of other companies.’ Van Kent’s mother worked

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Married NAC cargo pilots took different routes to heavy-jet dreams

Ko and Lan pilot Boeing 767s from Honolulu and Miami. By Hilary Reeves Hongchul An (Ko) and Ran An (Lan) have many things in common: they were both born and raised in Tokyo, emigrating to the United States as teenagers.

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After years on the move, Tropical Controller finds home in Florida

Patti Tripp: ‘I want to continue to learn new things that will help me to keep advancing my career.’ By Hilary Reeves If there was anything constant about the early years of Patti Tripp’s career, it’s that she was constantly

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St. Maarten Island Manager turned setback into success

Keyla van Heyningen had been Tropical’s St. Maarten Island Manager for only a day when Category 5 Hurricane Irma crippled the island. By Hilary Reeves In 2015, Keyla van Heyningen was managing a produce company that imported goods from the

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TOTE President Jeff Dixon sails through first two months

Dixon: ‘It’s been supremely rewarding to me already.’ By Hilary Reeves Captain Jeff Dixon spent 27 years on active duty in the United States Coast Guard before joining TOTE Services almost two years ago. He assumed the role of President

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Foss mission leaders reflect on Puerto Rico disaster relief

Robert Wagoner:‘It takes a village, constant effort, and focus to achieve success.’ By Hilary Reeves Five days after Hurricane Maria savaged her way through the Caribbean last September, Foss Maritime Director of Cargo Operations Rob Wagoner was on the ground

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TOTE and Tropical raise funds and pack meals for those impacted by the hurricanes, Saltchuk companies come together to support colleagues

TOTE Maritime partners with Hunger Fight to send emergency meals This week, 36 stateside TOTE Maritime employees in Jacksonville, Florida spent two hours packing meals for their fellow employees in Puerto Rico. In partnership with the local charity Hunger Fight,

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Stories of the storm: TOTE Maritime Puerto Rico employees recount Maria’s devastation

In San Juan, focus shifts to serving Puerto Ricans across the island By Hilary Reeves TOTE Maritime Puerto Rico and Tropical Shipping employees living and working in the Caribbean knew Hurricane Maria was slated to do significant damage to their

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